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Brass Volcanoes

The Brass Volcanoes use 5 mad horn players in front supported by a gigantic Souzaphone and a bonkers Italian called Bubu on drums. They are professional jazz musicians who have arranged or written all their own material, drawing from every imaginable source; New Orleans Mardi Gras, Balkan folk, Klezmer, Afro-Cuban, Soul and Funk, you name it, they've nicked it, twisted it in their warped imaginations and driven perfectly respectable people to tear off their clothes and dance to it. They can play on stage or march about the place, so if you need a wandering New Orleans band to lead you to the church or go about aggravatin' your guests, this could be the band for you. They also sing!

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The band consists of two trumpets, trombone and two saxophones (alto and tenor) backed by souzaphone and drums.

"Never have there been so many people, young and old, dancing for sheer joy. It was a wonder to behold."
- Goring Gap Jazz Club

"...have not enjoyed a gig so much in years, including all the big names I have seen at the Barbican and so on. Thank you very much! ... next time I will bring all my friends and family."
- R.J. London

"That was great last night.  U guys rock man!  And that is just such a wicked scene u got evolving there. Viva la brass..."
- D.G London

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They regularly play on the British festival circuit as well as performing concerts in clubs and venues all round the country and they played various events around the Olympic Village. They can be heard from time to time in the crypt of St Martins in the Field, Trafalgar Sq, London. It's a very nice venue and not a bit creepy so come along and check them out.

The band play a whole plethora of styles and their music is a mix of jazz, funk, afro-cuban, pop etc etc, mixed with some great originals composed by the members of the band. Requests are welcome, but may need a little time to arrange.

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