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Q. Where is Big Beat Bands based?

A. We are based in Oxford and London but can travel anywhere in England. Additional cost may be involved on longer distance events for petrol and accommodation.
Q. Where can we hear you play?

Contact us and we'll send you details of where the various bands can be heard. Some of them only perform for private events, but if we can arrange for you to come and hear them, we will.
Q. What will the band be wearing?

A. For Lizzie Newbery and the Big Beat, we will wear either smart suits or dinner jackets depending on your requirements (that’s the band). Lizzie will be wearing a selection from this years summer season of stylish party frocks!). The Big Buzzard Boogie Band comes in suits and mad shirts. The same applies to the Brass Volcanoes, but add hats. Blue Gem String Trio wear lovely blue dresses and Roberto Pla's Latin Jazz Ensemble wear all black apart from the singers.
Q. What size will the stage / playing area need to be?

A. It all depends on the band. As a rough guide, minimum areas would be as follows: Trio, 2m x 2m. 5-piece, 3m x 2.5m. 7-piece, 4m x 3m, 11-piece, 5m x 3m.
Q. How long will you play for?

A. We generally play 2 sets of 50 minutes with a 20 minute break making a grand total of 2 hours. However, everything is negotiable up to a maximum of three 45 minute sets with two 15 minute breaks, making 2 hours 45 minutes in total.
Q. What if we want some light music during the meal and then danceable music afterwards?

A. We would suggest either solo piano or a duo or trio combo during the meal followed by the full band later. This would be reflected in the cost but should keep it to a minimum. Those not playing during the meal would arrive later.
Q. Do the band need feeding?

A. Not necessarily. It all depends on how long the band have to be there. Generally, for weddings, parties and corporate events we would either ask for food to be provided for the band and would let you know in advance how many of the band would be eating, or we would request £15 per band member towards their meal at a prearranged pub / restaurant.
Q. How much parking space would you need?

A. On events where parking is limited it may be possible to limit the number of cars to 3..
Q. Will the band play requests?

A. Wherever possible, our bands are happy to oblige when it comes to requests, though the larger groups may need advance notice to prepare the music. If you want a particular number for the first dance, just let us know so we will do our best to arrange it.
Q. Do the band provide music between sets?

A. Yes. We can play appropriate music through our sound system or you can give us a CD or iPod to plug in. We would just ask that the music be in a similar idiom.
Q. What does the band cost?

A. The cost will vary according to the type of event, the size of room to play in (due to additional sound system requirements) the distance to travel and the size of the band. Please fill in the booking form and we’ll be glad to get back to you with a quote, or contact us direct by phone or email.
Q. How do you accept payment?

A. We generally ask for a 20% deposit in advance and the remainder to be paid by cheque on the night. We will provide an invoice in return. Cancellation fees apply and vary according to how far in advance of the event you let us know.


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